emergences #2⎥lost worlds

from Septembre 5th to October 17th 2020


Septembrer 5 – October 17, 2020


Friday September 4 – at 6 p.m.

After “emergences # 1” in 2019, Robet Dantec Gallery continues its exploration of the emerging art scene with “emergences # 2”.

This second edition proposes to discover 5 young artists who approach, each with different plastic proposals, the question of the “human era”. The exhibition offers a falsely archaeological look at this “imprint” that we leave on the planet: from the ruins of lost civilizations by Bruno Gadenne to the utopian architectures of Gaël Darras, from Rebecca Brueder’s repaired stones to the weaves and crocheted threads of Aurélien Finance, including crystal casts by Elise Grenois or even pictures of Palmyre by Leah Desmousseaux.

© Bruno Gadenne, “L’ouverture”, oil on canvas, 2014.

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