aurélien finance

Aurélien Finance lives and works in Mulhouse. He graduated from the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) with the congratulations of the jury (DNSEP 2018).

Dramatized, Aurélien Finance’s work is built around absurd and invented stories, inspired by reality, myths or tales. Whether he’s performances in which he stages himself, or creations with colorful shapes, his works turn away the textile world by the deconstruction of traditional codes. He practices ancestral skills to experience their limits in a playful approach borrowing humor and poetry. Embroidery, crochet, knitting interest him for their performative, repetitive and cathartic aspect. Then, these creations become transitional objects from which are born imaginary characters, organic beings, growths rescued from a forgotten memory … His dyslexic (disorientation of orderly writing) is displayed in his work as an asset. It opens a thought through the image which finds its meaning in its entirety.

And now the bananas are in socks.
Experience gives birth to absurdity. The bones were broken by this performance.
Surrounded by nature. The emotion takes shape. It’s fear.
[…] So I think I’m imprisoning myself, he was drowning in his suits when suddenly… never woke up. It was then that he said that of yesterday; never open a teaspoon with a cutter, you don’t lose anything serious …” Aurélien Finance

Performances dans le cadre du programme de l’Eté des Musées de Mulhouse, Musée Electropolis ( en juillet et août)

Performance dans le cadre de la Nuit de la Sinne, Théâtre de la Sinne, Mulhouse
Salon Art3F, Mulhouse
“Chaire Grande-Mère”, LeBôcal, Mulhouse
Performance, évènement basse couture au Motoco, Mulhouse

Performance, les 90 ans de L’Aubette 1928, Strasbourg

émergences #2, Galerie Robet Dantec, Belfort
“Jardins d’artistes”, Fort de la Justice, Belfort

«Tu veux que je te fasse un dessin», Le Séchoir – Art en mouvement, Mulhouse
«Les Grande eaux», Galerie Art’Course, Strasbourg
Salon Tex-World, réedition de «Réplica», Paris
Mulhouse 019, Biennale d’Art contemporain, Mulhouse
«Réplica», Biennale du design de Saint Etienne
Eleven Steens, Bruxelles
“Collectible”, Design art fair, Bruxelles

Les 20 ans du Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg (défilé)
“Intermèdes”, La Filature, Mulhouse (scénographie)

“Vêtement de travail”, Biennale du design de Saint Etienne

“Paysages”, Musée du papier peint, Rixheim

Galerie Modulab, Metz

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