elise grenois

Elise Grenois lives and works in Strasbourg. She graduated from the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) with the congratulations of the jury (DNSEP Art Object option glass).

In 2017, she is laureate of the Art Prize of the City of Strasbourg.

In 2018, she is laureate of the Society of Friends of the Museums’s prize of Strasbourg

Perishable materials fascinate Elise Grenois, things that molt, that die, and what remains of them. She thus questions the inscription of objects in time by using materials that induce different cycles of existence, renewed lives and deaths, such as glass or paraffin. She often works with molding and the various techniques associated with it to recreate new realities made of traces and remnants. The use of glass paste is particularly relevant in this process. She sees it as an entity that is both destructive and creative which consumes the original matrices (for example animals found dead on the sides of the road) and transfigures them. Animal bodies then gain access to a new envelope, to a “surplus of existence”. Caught in glass, an almost eternal material, they will perhaps be discovered by archaeologists of the future who will then question their origin and even their meaning.

2021 Shawdoban, Galerie Robet Dantec, Belfort

2020 A corps perdu(s), Espace Lézard, Colmar

Art Fair Dijon, with Galerie Robet Dantec, Dijon (F.)
Luxembourg Art Week, with Galerie Robet Dantec, Luxembourg (LU.)
Quadriennale d’art contemporain de Malbuisson, Malbuisson (F.)

émergences #2, Galerie Robet Dantec, Belfort (F.)

Where a cornerstone could find falling mermaids, Automat ArtSpace – Allemagne (Germ.)
Indomptables diamants, La Chaufferie – Strasbourg (F.)
Dimensions variables Techniques mixtes, Galerie de Valois, Vitrines du Palais Royal – Paris (F.)

ST-ART, foire européenne d’art contemporain, Parc des expositions – Strasbourg (F.)
Au four et au moulin, Musée de Sarreguemines (F.)
Rêverie en ruines, Bibliothèque Universitaire des Lettres – Angers (F.)
En commun, Le 19 Crac – Montbéliard (F.)
Talente, Internationale Handwerksmesse – Munich (Germ.)

Le seuil, CEAAC (Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines) – Strasbourg
Topographie anecdotée du hasard – performances, MAMS Musée d’art moderne – Strasbourg

Activated Objects, IANG Gallery – Séoul, Corée du Sud
Glass Festival, Cheonan Cultural Gallery – Corée du Sud
PLAS2016, Plastic art SEOUL à COEX Hall D1 – Corée du Sud
Plongeon(s), Fondation François Schneider – Wattwiller

Aide à la création individuelle délivrée par la DRAC Grand Est – 2020

Finaliste Talents Contemporains, Fondation François Schneider – Wattwiller – 2019

Lauréate du prix SAAMS, Societé des Amis des Arts et des Musées – 2018

Atelier – résidence au Bastion XIV, Strasbourg – 2018-2020

Lauréate du prix ART, ville de Strasbourg – 2017

Lauréate du PLAS-ART Prize, Namseoul University – Corée du Sud – 2016

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