Elise Grenois – Shadowban


From October 30th
to December 18th 2021


Friday 29th Ocotber – 06.00 p.m.

Elise Grenois‘s work focuses on the living, the transgression of its ephemeral nature and the properties of materials that she confronts with each other and reinterprets. Her productions also emanate from a reflection on the inscription of elements in time, a reflection that she deploys through forms and materials inducing different cycles of existence, successive lives and deaths, in the same space. She often works with casting; the techniques associated with it allow him to play on the interweaving of bygone realities, recreated from persistent and transformed traces.

Glass paste occupies a central place in his work. She sees him as a destructive and creative entity, which consumes the originally perishable matrices and transfigures them. These are animal bodies from various origins, collected for example on the roadside or in town. Bodies dead as a result of human activity, destined for decomposition, they had become rubbish. Through the crystallization technique developed by Elise Grenois, these bodies gain access to a “surplus of existence”, to a new sustainability. 

With the support of   Centre national des arts plastiques

(National Centre for Visuals Arts), France

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