cosmogonies – Anaëlle Thiéry

cosmogonies ⎪anaëlle thiéry

Reopened and extended exhibition until May 30


From March 6 to April 18, 2020


Friday March 5th at 6 p.m.

The unconscious and interiority are central concepts in the work of Anaëlle Thiéry. The organisms it draws are actually a double of the body, a parallel reality. Passionate about old scientific encyclopedias, Anaëlle Thiéry therefore operates like an artist-surgeon, produces moods, parasites or microbes like an artist-patient, invents parallel worlds like an artist-magician who then transforms this drawn body into wonders, dissected, dissected, decomposed … The aesthetics of the works of Anaëlle Thiéry thus fits between the cabinet of curiosity, the rite of witchcraft and the medical world. There are references to La Métamorphose by Kafka, the Jardin des Délices by Bosch, Antonin Artaud, and of course Fred Deux.

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