gaël darras

Lives and works in Escamps (Fr.). Gaël Darras is graduated from the Art School of Nantes Métropole (2014). In 2022, he also followed an illumination training at CITIL (International Center for the Traditions of the Image of Light).

Paint a wall

From the pattern of brick, a unit that is tirelessly repeated, Gaël Darras uses watercolors to build architectural spaces in a minimalist style. Its buildings, devoid of any functionality, are devoid of spatial contextualization and precise time markers – they take us to a distant antiquity as much as they evoke our contemporary masonry. They float in the matrix whiteness of the paper, parts of which are left blank, like virtual volumes, mirages emerging from a blinding desert. These constructions do not inhabit, do not penetrate each other: they are walls. They show as much as they conceal, pushing the gaze to seek beyond. Their borders send us back to our privacy, like “inner temples” whose front door is kept secret.

The systematic use of iron oxide as a pigment (the very one that gives brick its red color) deploys a monochrome and contemplative universe where each brick vibrates with a particular density. Gaël uses tools common to both the architect and the painter (cavalier perspective, vanishing point, ruler, compass, square) and is interested in different traditions and techniques of image composition. He draws in particular from the symbolic geometry inherited from the illuminators of the Middle Ages (golden proportions, dynamic rectangles, polygons, etc.) and from the history of the fresco, from the Pompeian villas to the chapels of the Italian primitives.

At different scales of his work, a modular principle is reiterated which proceeds from the fragment and the matrix. The accumulation of bricks draws the shapes, the tight framing alternates with the overall views, the images are cut out and assembled in polyptychs. As if pushed by a continuous rewriting of the myth of Babel, Gaël Darras, in a constant repetition of gesture, motif and subject, seems to explore the contours of one and the same imaginary monument.

Chronos, Bam Projects, Bordeaux
Lignes de force, avec Arthur Lambert, Galerie Robet Dantec, Belfort

Allons, faisons des briques et cuisons-les au feu !,  Robet Dantec Gallery, Belfort
Quadrature, with François Dufeil, with Octo-Verso, Angers 

1280°, at Espace Mira, with Leah Desmousseaux, Nantes

Locus in aliore loco, with Leah Desmousseaux at CAPRA, Allonnes
En réalité je n’ai trouvé que du sable, at the Alain Lebras’s studio,  Nantes

Edmond Multiples and éditions, at the Ateliers Millefeuilles, Nantes 

émergences #3, Galerie Robet Dantec, Nantes
DDESSIN PARIS, Galerie Robet Dantec, Paris

Art Fair Dijon, with Robet Dantec Gallery, Dijon
Luxembourg Art Week – The Fair, with Robet Dantec Gallery, Luxembourg
Nouvelles Acquisitions, with l’Artothèque d’Angers au Repaire Urbain, Angers
Pop-Up Galeries, at Fernet-Branca Fondation, with Robet Dantec Gallery, Saint-Louis

Luxembourg Art Week – The Fair (in november), with Robet Dantec Gallery, Luxembourg
Les solitudes, at The Temple du Goût, Nantes 

Cueillir les étoiles, with Art Delivery, Beaux Arts of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, Nantes

Émergences #2, with Robet Dantec Gallery, Belfort

Contre Forme at l’Atelier, invited by MPVite, at Nantes

De la zone humide ou naissent les images at Open school gallery, ESBANM, at Nantes
Last rite at Grand Atelier, Maison de quartier Madeleine Champ de Mars, at Nantes

Presentation of a piece at the exhibition Do It of Frac des Pays de la Loire at HAB Gallery at Nantes

Archiculture at Millefeuille at Nantes

Publication of a Personal work in the magazine Kiblind, followed by a group exhibition at Point Éphémère at Paris
Short Cuts at gallery Short at Nantes

Exceptional support fund reserved at visual artists of Nantes Métropole
Individual Help at Creation of the DRAC Pays de la Loire grant

Finaliste of the 10th Jeune Création Price of the Atelier Blanc and The Moulin of the Arts, Saint-Rémy
Residence at the Collectif BLAST, Angers

Individual Help at Creation of the DRAC Pays de la Loire grant
2nd place of Paris Price 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne for contemporary Art for a piece realized in collaboration with Leah Desmousseaux 

Art Delivery, École des Beaux-arts of Nantes artotheque
Médiathèque of Pays d’Héricourt artotheque
Angers artotheque

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