of wood and paper⎥Elsa Broustet and Raphaël Galley


From March 20th to April 24th 2021


Saturday, March 20th from 10.00 a.m.

The new exhibition at the Robet Dantec gallery, “of wood and paper”, sets out to establish a dialogue between two artists.

Raphaël Galley’s objects presented in the exhibition call upon a logic of construction / manufacture, on the basis of a vocabulary borrowed from games: a box, an object, a notice, a drawing engraved on the cover … The intervention of the purchasers is decisive in the activation of the work which will then take shape as a revealed secret. Called “Cairn”, this series appeals to our first instincts: stacking stones to mark a place, arranging wooden logs, erecting elements to bring the work to life in a participatory gesture. The artist never instrumentalizes the “manipulator”, but he gives him a special status, a recognition. The artist thus follows a logic in which the power of production is returned to the user since he has the instructions. A current of thought stemming from design, based on the sharing of knowledge and techniques, and which constitutes the very essence of Raphaël Galley’s works.

Elsa Broustet is a young traveling artist who returned in 2020 from a one-year solo journey during which she traveled South-East Asia. She brought back a graphic and plastic vocabulary with which she developed a delicate and precise work around the question of the house, privacy, familiar or domestic space. She often isolates a pattern, a shape drawn with felt that seems to float on the paper, to show it and be surprised at its elegance.

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