on scientific and artistic research
on board the schooner Tara

To coincide with Yann Bagot’s solo exhibition “La mer, cet autre”, the Robet Dantec gallery is hosting a public event at which artist Yann Bagot and marine biology researcher Samuel Chaffron will present their work on board the schooner Tara. This meeting between artist and scientist will provide a better understanding of the missions of the Tara Ocean Foundation and how Yann Bagot’s artistic approach has been enriched by contact with the Foundation’s researchers.


Samuel Chaffron,
Marine biologist, chief scientist on the Tara Europa expedition, CNRS research fellow

Yann Bagot,
artist in residence on board Tara in July 2023

Date and venue :

Thursday 7 December 2023 at 6.30pm
36 Rue Voltaire 44000 Nantes


09 67 39 57 39

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