elsa broustet

Elsa Broustet lives and works in Paris. In 2019, she obtained her National Diploma of Art at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin. Following this course, she decides to leave for several months in Southeast Asia.

Elsa Broustet is interested in detail, in intimacy, in everyday life. She composes / reconstructs landscapes, decorations that float on paper but also in space since she continues her plastic practice through volume. Gradually, slowly, she accumulates the elements, repeating the patterns that will form a homogeneous ensemble, in a continual  search of harmony. The visitor’s place is an integral part of his work. He is invited to take the time to pay attention, to turn around the ceramics placed on the ground, even to turn the pages of etching prints… She is also inspired by Persian miniatures which are a fabulous example of precision, everything in detail and fineness, in a constant search for perfection.

  • 2019
    “Oasis”, Kunsthalle, Mulhouse
    “émergences #1”, Galerie Robet Dantec, Belfort