anaëlle thiéry

Born in 1996 in Belfort, Anaëlle Thiéry graduated from the National School of Art in Dijon. After a 6 month stay in Japan in 2019, Anaëlle Thiéry returned to live and work in Dijon.

Anaëlle Thiéry’s work takes mainly the form of drawings, video and recently ceramics. It interrogates issues related to hybridization, science, body fiction and its movements, but
also the “hidden” interior of things. Through its different mediums, different universes take shape: places for the body, places where our unconscious unfolds.

Her ink drawings seem to be guided by a form of obsession where the time of development is almost ritual, meditative, hypnosis. Extremely precise, they allow to express complex ideas. She also explores new areas of drawing, using thread and wool to draw in three-dimensional space. Anaëlle Thiéry also draws from the world of science and entomological knowledge. Her approach is reminiscent, on certain points, of the works of Fred Deux, or of current artists like Gilles Barbier or Patrick Neu.

  • 2019
    Art and Design Center – Nagoya University of Arts
    “Forest”, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dôle
    “émergences #1”, Galerie Robet Dantec