ilhem ellouze

Born in 1957 in Sfax in Tunisia. Sculptor and painter, Ilhem Ellouze is a recognized artist on the Tunisian art scene.

Tunisian living in France, Ilhem Ellouze is using for many years what she calls “the module”. This form, composed of two cones, could be interpreted as any signifier (the artist sometimes speaks about a representation of human in his universality). But, by obsessively occupying the space (canvas, drawing, or even the ground when it comes to her metal sculptures), this object exploited to the point of wear, taken up and repeated, studied alone or in number, reveals itself as a real subject of plastic and aesthetic research.

Her large charcoals, presented at the Robet Dantec Gallery, show another side of his work where the material, lightened in color, offers a pattern’s perception as crossed by light.

  • 2016
    Transgression – Galerie Jean Greset, Besançon
    Acordelle – Espace 110, Illkirch
    ART 3 F Mulhouse – Galerie Jean Greset
    St’Art, Strasbourg
  • 2017
    Mairie d’Asperg, Allemagne
    « Au Pied Des Murs 2 », Lure
    Arteast : La Filature, Audincourt
    St’Art – Without ArtGallery, Strasbourg
  • 2018
    Trois espaces – Without ArtGallery, Strasbourg
  • 2019
    Palais Kheireddine, Musée de la Ville de Tunis
    « Au Pied des Murs 3 », Lure
    Without ArtGallery, Strasbourg
  • 1986
    Galerie Médina, Tunis
  • 1989
    Centre des Cultures Méditerranéennes, Belfort
  • 1992
    Villa R, Belfor
  • 1994
    Galerie Cheloudiakoff, Belfort
    Galerie Schauer, Paris
  • 1996
    L’Entrepôt, Mulhouse
  • 2000
    AAC Chapelle du collège Gérôme, Vesoul
  • Musée de Tunis
  • Musées de Belfort

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