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September 4th – october 23th 2021


Friday 4th September – 06.00 p.m.

What fuels Rebecca Brueder’s daily work is the idea of ​​the stone. The stone not as a material, but as an object: its shape, its weight, its color, the curves it draws, its lines… The artist is interested in what it represents, a world mute, an idea of ​​a body that subsists to us, that awaits, a relationship to melancholy, a poetic form linked to the idea of ​​something lasting, inert, listening.

In his ink drawings, the artist takes mediatized images and reinterprets them, point by point, on paper. From stone quarries to the dead mountaineers of Everest, from the glaciers to volcanic eruptions, Rebecca Bruder freezes a gripping and poetic story that takes visitors to distant places, places of fighting between man and rock, places where the fury of the mountains is expressed.

On the paths of the Monts Ventoux or in the Pyrenean valleys, she picks up broken stones and “repairs” them using the Japanese technique of Kintsugi. From industrial workshops to the beaches of the Marseille coast, she stages, in installations, new rocks born of human activity, bodies agglomerated with plastic, iron, or brick residues. These new telluric bodies, like the designs of blasted mountainsides or the bombing ruins of Syria reproduced in ceramic panels, reflect the era of a humanity that leaves its indelible mark on the flesh of the Earth.

For her first solo exhibition in a gallery, Rebecca Brueder will especially present new creations, the “impactites”, glass and mirror sculptures reminiscent of the rocks resulting from the collision of meteorites with the Earth.

The French Cultural Center of Freiburg (D) also presents a solo exhibition of Rebecca Brueder as part of the 019 Mulhouse Biennial Prize. The artist will show the monumental version of the work “Below Popigai”, Popigaï being the site of a major meteorite collision in Russia which resulted in a diamond deposit.

“I am inclined to climb”, Rebecca Brueder at the French Cultural Center in Freiburg (D)
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