aurélien finance⎪never open a coffeespoon with a cutter


January 23th – March 7th 2021


Saturday January 23th – at 12 a.m.

Color, exuberant shapes, fascinating volumes, crocheted flowers, embroidery, designs… Galerie Robet Dantec invites you to start the year with a colorful exhibition by artist Aurélien Finance. The title, “Never cut a teaspoon with a cutter …” comes from a drawing by the artist. From the outset, it testifies to a theatrical universe, built around absurd stories invented or inspired by reality, myths or childhood tales.

Very often, the works of Aurélien Finance divert the textile universe by deconstructing traditional codes. He practices so-called “popular” skills, such as knitting, crochet, or embroidery to experiment with their limits in a playful approach borrowed from humor and poetry. These creations then become transitional objects from which are born imaginary characters, organic beings, outgrowths rescued from a forgotten memory …

The artist’s dyslexia (disorientation of orderly writing) shows itself unashamedly in her work as an asset. It opens up a thought through the image which finds its meaning in its entirety.

Picture : absence de soit, installation (2019), cotton thread, variable dimensions.

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